Stump Removal by RYEX Services

Simplify Your Lawn Maintenance 

Tired of having to mow around tree stumps in your yard or in your garden? Having exposed tree stumps can damage mowing equipment and potentially cause serious operator injury. RYEX Services can remove these impediments in your landscape, streamline your mowing experience and get you on to other things you want to do with your free time.   

Our Stump Removal Equipment

 RYEX Services provides tree stump removal services with the help of our RAYCO Model RG1645 tree stump cutter. This machine is a reliable, powerful and efficient diesel powered, four-wheel drive machine. It is self-propelled and small enough to fit through a 36” gate but powerful enough to grind out large tree stumps.

Protecting the Integrity of Your Lawn

The benefit of being self-propelled limits potential damage to your yard or surrounding area since there is no need to pull it to the work site with a truck or tractor which often results in deep ruts and damage to grassy areas. The finished job provides mulch that is small enough to be used in your landscaping or gardens.

Stump Removal Services Video


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